Programme of fisheries and aquaculture enjoys the honor of being the first educational institution offering graduate degree for international students in the field of fisheries and aquaculture onwards 2014-2015 in Turkey. The starting point of the Programme is understanding of system – most obviously aquaculture production systems, but increasingly and with rather more challenge, wider aquatic resource system which is manipulated for societal aims – food production, financial gain, ecological quality, aesthetic value and human livelihood. The issues we work with centre on defining what is the goal, be it commercial aquaculture, meeting the needs of people, finding acceptable multiple-use resource management, or supporting ecosystem health and defining approaches required, incorporating a range of tools and areas of expertise. The Programme offers both theoretical and practical study for undergraduate students on fisheries and aquaculture.

Graduates are capable of offering consultancy services regarding fisheries management, hatchery, nursery and on growing techniques of cold and warm water fish as well as fish processing. Graduates can be employed in governmental institutions, non-govermental organisations and private sector. Furthermore, graduates may work for academic fields or national-international research projects related to different fields of fisheries and aquaculture, globally.